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Our Team.

At Streetwise The majority of our team have worked as volunteers, this shows their true passion and genuine drive to help the community. 

 We prioritise working inline with our values and ethos. No one currently gets a salary for any of the work we do. 




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Founder Gerry Gregoire 

Hi, I'm a Co-founder of Streetwise. 

I had first-hand knowledge of social disadvantage and low self-esteem dynamics from my upbringing.

That has been a distinct benefit in my role as a Specialist Mentor.

I believe all young people have the potential to achieve their goals however, these aspirations are readily dashed by negative external influences operating in their lives.

I transitioned from an engineering career to Youth and Community Practitioner BA (Hons) in 2008.

 My favourite project from the 100s we've completed has been the Anti-bullying project.."Who r u 2 judge me" allowing youths to compile a powerful music video and shown it to thousands of young people. 

Winning the lifetime achievement award this year has allowed me to reflect on the impact we have made! 


Founder/MD Elaine Gregoire

Hey, I'm Lainey Gregoire co-founder and MD of Streetwise. Our hobby of youth clubs that started 20 years ago has morphed into a successful award-winning charitable organisation, which not only provides projects for youth but now impacts a wider demographic. 

Me and Gerry are also foster carers and it has been amazing to make a difference in people's lives every single day. I am honoured to have won the woman of the year, a honorary citizenship and have been invited to Buckingham palace for the work we do. It shows how much our community appreciates Streetwise's work and wants to be a part of the family. 

With now having our purpose-built community centre, we can fill so many needs and make a bigger difference in people's lives. After celebrating our 20-year milestone we are ready to scale and are excited for the future of Streetwise. 


Director of Communications
Ella-Grace Gregoire 

Hello, I am an actress and the daughter of the founders. It is my mission to envision the future for Streetwise.

 I have been a part of Streetwise since 2002 and the organisation has enriched me and my peer's childhoods.

From going to London for trips to competing in dance competitions and fashion shows, I have experienced so much. 

I founded EGG performing arts and wellbeing in 2018 to provide affordable performing arts classes. I could see how my personal story of bullying and mental health recovery inspired the young people I shared it with, so after taking a CBT diploma, I morphed EGG into a mental health education hub.

I believe teaching the tools and skills for holistic well-being and good mental health is so powerful.

 I am a virgin Change-maker and Global legacy winner. I am excited to use the skills and contacts I have from these opportunities to take SW to the next level. 

Donation Boxes

Sam Coxon

Hi, I'm Sam Coxon. I started attending the baby & toddler group just short of 5 years ago and slowly started getting involved with the group. I then got involved with the food parcels, Christmas hampers, holiday clubs, cookwise enrichment, summer vibes and youth clubs. 

I've recently started the warm welcome with Elaine, providing somewhere warm with hot food and drinks and a break from isolation over winter.

Streetwise saw my potential and used it positively and gave me a purpose. I love the fact that we support all of the community and we are starting new projects where we are opening doors to people of all ages and backgrounds


Aaron Myers

My name is Aaron and I have been part of Streetwise for the last 12 years honestly, I couldn't imagine how my childhood could have been without it! I loved this organisation so much, I decided to volunteer when I was old enough. Streetwise has given me so many opportunities like being able to study my youth work course and become a qualified youth worker. It is through Streetwise I've been able to find my passion for helping young people and being a mentor for them. 

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Mike Parker 

I'm Mike and I have been a volunteer with Streetwise for over 8 years now, what I enjoy most is the monumental change I have witnessed in our organisation over the period of time I have been with Streetwise from running a Friday youth club in a local village hall, to now having our own community centre which is a hive of various activities which benefits our community. The role which has given me the most satisfaction has been being responsible for the management of our Summer holiday club programmes as I feel like this has given the most benefit to those who need it.

Donation Center

Danielle Schofield

Hi, I am Danielle I started at streetwise 8 years ago.

My main passion is outreach to the teenagers of the local community. I became a mentor for some of the challenging members and have achieved some great results with the support of Gerry.

I have been so inspired by how much change we can make to a teenager's mindset by just believing in them and investing time, I have decided to study a degree course, changing my 13-year profession to a PE teacher aimed at the teenage key skills.


Kirsten Dalgleish 

Hi I'm Kirsten Dalgliesh, I joined streetwise in 2019. I am Dance and Well-being teacher at streetwise and a youth worker at the Holiday clubs that Streetwise run. I am proud to be a part of Streetwise, because it's a charity that helps so many young children and adults grow both mentally and physically and promotes that this positivity should be spread to the world around them. Every time I enter the centre I can see first hand the positive impact that myself and the other members of the Streetwise team make on every single individual that walks through our doors. 


Di di Hicks 

hey , its Di Di , I have been a young mentor to many of the young girls who attend EGG. Together we have watched their communication skills improve and friendships blossom. It is so nice to see everyone have the opportunity to explore performing arts and as an actress myself I hope to inspire them! 

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